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New Heights Bentonville launched in the Spring of 2013 as a church plant of New Heights Church in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Informational meetings led to monthly services, and eventually a weekly service in downtown Bentonville. New Heights meets every Sunday Morning at 10:30 at Apple Glen Elementary.

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Intimate and passionate worship fuels what we do, and it sensitizes us to God’s power and presence. It’s our highest calling.

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Garage Sales for Congo Orphans

We encourage you to round up goods to sell the next month or so for kids in desperate need in Congo. Band together with your Community Group, neighbors, or just have your own garage/yard sale. Plan it. Promote it. Clean out and cash in to donate to Congo orphans ministry via Feed Their Tummies. *Visit Help One Now (FTT’s new partner) for some great garage sale tips & tools to optimize success with your sale.
Of course you can give to FTT any time. But please give your garage-sale proceeds this time to New Heights so that we can easily track how much we are able to collect as a church Family through this specific holiday effort. Just write “Congo Orphans” in the memo of 1) checks payable to New Heights or 2) on envelopes containing cash. We will communicate the amount collected and pass the funds along hopefully Christmas week.

We believe all people matter to God. We believe that we are especially called to care for the hurting, the broken, the poor, and the marginalized.

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We value the Word of God. We read it, meditate on it, teach it, and apply it to our lives by embracing Biblical values as a lifestyle.


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Listen to recent sermons from New Heights Church Bentonville online, or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. Don’t see the sermon you are looking for? You can look through the entire archive here.


God’s Design for Parenting

Rob leads us into God’s clear purpose & design in Scripture for nurturing up children to know & trust & follow Jesus. We also hear from some parents who continue to work through this high calling from God. Rob then shares several parenting “musts” that guide us in pointing young people toward devotion to God.


Singleness allows a greater freedom for Kingdom service. Whether single or married, only Jesus completes us. As we focus on devotion to Christ, we are empowered for the fullness of God’s Plan for our lives. Kevin Rusack, College & Equipping Director of NH Fayetteville, challenges us to not live on “pause” waiting for some future family status, but to live on “purpose” for the Gospel.

God’s Design for Womanhood

Anne Rana of The Joshua Center points to God’s big-picture design for Womanhood in Scripture. She also shares her own journey of tension & submission with God’s call to women in a world tarnished by sin and conflict. Anne challenges both women and men to Gospel partnership with God, to redeem Womanhood for His glory and our good.

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At New Heights, we use a simple online resource called Elexio to process all online giving.  You will need to create an account to set up giving, but it is quick and simple. If you have any questions along the way, let us know and we will be glad to help.



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